Saturday, 21 February 2009


I've been following the ideals presented by the concepts of GTD and uncluttering - I would have to say that these concepts are great - as quoted in a friend's favourite - 'Live Simply, That Others May Simply Live'

So - how have you simplified your life?

Thursday, 19 February 2009

I'm baaaack!

Just like on independence day - I'll post more later...

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Top Tip : Win XP Server Storage Error

Having had to trawl through Google with the same 'It's due to your anti-virus software' for this error:

Not enough server storage

When you are accessing shared folders in Windows XP. Rubbish. Mine was actually the backup software, namely Acronis TrueImage. Uninstalled. Fixed. None of this regedit.

Let me say this: If you boot your PC and it doesn't work the way it did last time, think. Did you install a program? Uninstall it, reboot, and see what happens. Does the bug go away, or is it still there?

Just a warning to make you think before you end up editing your registry to death.

Oh yeah, and make backups.

Tuesday, 31 July 2007


By The Way:
Laptop Spec for reference:
Processor - AMD Athlon XP-m 1.8ghz, 512mb PC2100 RAM, 40gb HDD, Integrated graphics, cruddy smudged screen, and a heat system that doesn't work...

A Linux Posty Thing

So, I'm running Ubuntu 7.04 (aka Feisty Fawn), on my laptop. Great. It works a lot smoother than Windows 2000 ever did. I usually have Firefox, Thunderbird, Gaim, a terminal, text editor and occasionally Gimp or some other main package running. My processor in my Lappy doesn't even want to wake up. In Win2K, It broke into a sweat just running Firefox. After I had waited 2 minutes for it to boot.
I kid you not.
So, now my challenge is to get a 30sec boot time out of my Linux desktop.

There we go. I'll post times and info along the way.

Monday, 30 July 2007

Awesome Evenings

And the curse of Arial continues. Today I did some research at work into web typography, and found this: sIFR - it stands for Scalable Inman Flash Replacement, which is a nifty way to say that someone has created a Truetype font in a flash .swf file, and it can dynamically replace standard text using CSS and javascript to id the relevant text. Cool. I think we'll be using that at work real soon.

Anyway, the title of the blog - awesome evenings. Why? Just because they are. Spending time with the babe, or with a group praying together, or just on my own in the flat like now (the flatmate's away) listening to some chilled dance tunes, writing this post. Evenings can be fun if there is a variety in life. I know, people can say variety is the spice of life, and seem to think that they can then do what they want to. To be honest, I sometimes don't do what I want to in an evening, but it can still be fun. How? Simple. The fact that I am exercising a variety to my life. Many people who would claim to be bored are probably only driven by one or two things in their lives. For example, Playstation and PC. What fun is that? Or you could choose two things and still be bored.

Imagine if I went mountain biking everyday. I would get bored, not because I would get used to the adrenalin rush, but the same trail, same ride, it would lose its appeal. I love mountain biking because I do it most weekends (not every) and it's often a different trail. The last time I went was awesome because me and my mate hit this fire road the other side of our local mountain, and it was a blast, it was fast and fun. Next time I ride that, it won't have that new exhiliration, but I'll want to do it faster, slide that corner, whatever. If I rode it every week I'd be bored.

Variety to what we do is essential. The same in our spiritual lives too. If we seek the same song styles, or sit in the same place, or react the same way to things, we will get bored. We have to look outside of the hole we are in and see new things. That's why I love the praying with a different group, bringing something fresh to homegroup, etc. When I teach, I try to look at things differently. I see people light up because it's new.

Anyway. I'm tired now. The cat allergy at my friend's did it for me. I can breathe now, but man am I tired. I'll post more tomorrow.